TERMS & CONDITIONS: Brussels Airport’s grand Christmas race


Brussels Airport Company (BAC), with corporate headquarters at 1030 Brussels, Diamant Building A, Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussels, Belgium is co-organising a competition without obligation to buy with TUI Airlines Belgium N.V. (TUI fly), with corporate headquarters at Gistelsesteenweg 1, 8400 Oostende and The Walt Disney Company, with corporate headquarters at Havenlaan 86c B217 1000 Brussels, from 9/11/2018 up to and including 16/12/2018, 23h59.


Competition participation is open to every person over 18, residing in Belgium, the Netherlands and France excluding employees of BAC, its partners, its advertising agencies and every other person who has worked on the realisation of this competition.

Also excluded from competition participation are the first-degree family members of all persons mentioned in the previous paragraph, as well as those that live under the same roof as aforementioned.


To validly partake in the competition you must enter via https://happyholidays.brusselsairport.be. On this page, the participant has to collect as many items as possible within the allotted time (45 seconds). At the end, the participant must fill in the tiebreaker question and must choose if they want to be informed on further offers from Brussels Airport, TUI fly and The Walt Disney Company.

The player who catches the most items within the allotted time will win a TUI fly family ticket (for 4 people) to Puerto Plata. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker question will be used to decide the winner.

Each participation that is incomplete will be seen as null and void. Each participant may only play once.


BAC and every other involved party will not be held liable in the event of altered modalities of this competition by force majeure. Brussels Airport is not liable for other activities during the stay that were not included in the prize package. If you have ticked opt-in, you subscribe to the Brussels Airport online newsletter and give your permission to use your email address to send newsletters and other Brussels Airport information to; such as special offers and surveys. You can unsubscribe at any time via the link found at the bottom of each newsletter. If you have ticked opt-in, you also give permission to share your email address with TUI fly/ TUI for sending newsletters and other information from TUI fly/TUI; such as special offers and surveys.

If you opt in to The Walt Disney Company communication, you subscribe to Brussels Airport’s online newsletter and you give your permission to use your email address to send newsletters and other information from The Walt Disney Company, such as special offers and surveys.


The prize package consists of:


The winner will be contacted personally on 20 December 2018 via email. The winner will receive a voucher from TUI fly via email including all the information necessary to book the ticket.

The prizes are not transposable to money, not even partially, and are not transferable to third parties. If necessary, the organiser retains the right to hand out a prize equal in value to the original prize.


Excepting the case in article 6, there will be no digital or telephonic communication regarding the competition, nor will there be any mailings, during or after the competition.


Only 1 prize will be awarded per address, per family and per IP address.
Every attempt at fraud will be punishable by immediate participant disqualification. Any participant of this competition participating in organised form, in a legal or de facto association, by working together to raise chances of winning, will be excluded from the competition. The same rule applies to any who use tricks or manoeuvres, including software programmes or who participate using illegal or malevolent manners to raise chances of winning.


BAC can exclude people from competition participation organised by BAC, for a certain amount of time, in case of violation of any of the participation conditions or in case of violation, deception or a malevolent participation in the competition.


The company organisers retain the right to alter the conditions of the competition in case of unforeseen circumstances or circumstances independent of their will. They cannot be held liable in case of circumstances independent of their will leading to an interruption, delay or cancellation of the competition.


BAC, TUI fly and The Walt Disney Company retain the right to communicate about the winners for promotional purposes.


The mere participation in this competition holds the participant to the current terms and conditions without any reserve. No contestation of any kind to the wording of the questions or correlating answers will be accepted.


The current competition is under the supervision of LL.M. Ronnie De Ceuster and LL.M. Lucas Engels, bailiffs in Antwerp, Belgium.

In the case of force majeure, or unforeseen circumstances or in the case of contestation, the organiser will confer with the bailiffs to make all necessary decisions to retain the functioning of the competition. Their decision is sovereign and without recourse.


The participant gives explicit permission to the automated handling of personal details by Brussels Airport Company (BAC), Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal, 1930 Zaventem, Tui Airlines Belgium N.V., with corporate headquarters at Gistelsesteenweg 1, 8400 Oostende, and The Walt Disney Company, with corporate headquarters at Havenlaan 86c B217 1000 Brussel. This to guarantee a swift competition processing and to inform you with regards to current and future BAC, TUI fly and TWDC promotions.

In accordance with the law passed 8 December 1992 and 11 December 1998 with regards to the protection of privacy during handling of personal details you always have the right to consult, rectify, or adjust them. This by simple written request to the above address. The concerned party is also at your service in the event that you no longer wish your personal details to be used for direct marketing purposes.